Magic The Gathering Arena ESL ANZ Champs 2021 launch this weekend

Are you the best MTG Arena player in Australia? ESL ANZ Champs is here to let you find out – with cash and prizes, of course.

Magic The Gathering Arena ESL ANZ Champs 2021 launch this weekend

It's like they were waiting for me.

I recently starting playing Magic The Gathering Arena a lot more seriously than my past dabbling, and after a month found I was able to push my way into Mythic tier (come watch my nascent Twitch streams to see my Magecraft action fly). I feel the power of the Planeswalkers flowing through me, ready to take on anyone.

And now, I can test the difference between 'good on ladder' and 'good in a tournament', because ESL Australia is now running ESL ANZ Champs 2021 starting this weekend – and anyone can enter.

It opens with an 'Education Cup' on Sunday, August 1, to help everyone get their bearings and learn that it's going to be a lot harder than they would assume (at least, that's what I'm expecting). Then the real action kicks in the following Saturday with an open tournamemt which will run through a series of Swiss rounds to find a top 8 who will then clash in a final on the Sunday to see who wins that event round.

The competition will take place over four Open Qualifier weekends (each fortnight), culminating in a Champion Stage round on 26 September. You earn points through the series to find otu who makes the Champion Stage.

All along the way there are prizes of physical booster packs as well as MTG Arena Gems, plus cash for those placing in the Top 8.

Whether you make the cut or just want to see who is the best in ANZ, each Top 8 event and the Champions Stage will be broadcast on ESL Australia's Twitch channel. I know I'll be watching closely when I get smashed that first week to see how to upgrade my decks to make them tournament quality!

All the details can be found at the ESL Play website.