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Among Us' Airship map out now, big updates soon including new art style

Among Us' biggest update is here now with the Airship map, new moderation tools, plus news of future content including a visual revamp.

Chris Button
Chris Button
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Among Us' Airship map out now, big updates soon including new art style

More maps equals more mayhem.

Innersloth's massively popular social deduction game Among Us received the highly anticipated Airship map update, available to play now, along with other features.

The Airship marks Among Us' fourth and biggest map to date, following  previous locations MIRA HQ, Polus, and The Skeld. One of the major gameplay changes the Airship brings is alternate movement methods, including long ladders and moving platforms.

As mentioned in Innersloth's latest developer blog, the new map is inspired by their other published game The Henry Stickmin Collection, with new tasks for crewmates to complete,  plus the ability to choose which room to begin in after an emergency meeting.

Oh, and plenty of new free hats to wear.

This new update is free for all players, with the option to purchase a set of Airship-themed cosmetics, each with their own unique kill animations.

Along with the new map, Among Us now has an account system and new code of conduct to help with moderating player behaviour, including the capacity to report inappropriate behaviour.

In the future, accounts will also allow for transferring unlocked cosmetics between different platforms, which is a pretty neat thing to include.

If you don't sign up for an Among Us account, you're still able to play via Guest Mode, which locks you into the family-friendly quick-chat option introduced last month and a randomly generated name — a pretty good move to limit in-game trolling and abuse.

For all the excited crewmates and impostors keen to know what's next for Among Us, future updates include a fully revamped art style, and larger lobbies of up to 15 players.

There are also plushies! Which, let's be honest, was inevitable considering how adorable the little crewmates are.

If I had a plush crewmate on my desk, I'd have to turn it away from me during Among Us, because I wouldn't be able to look them in the visor after blatantly lying to everyone about the murder I just did.


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