Video killed the radio star but the internet is bringing it back, all over the world.

When travelling, tuning into local radio stations really gives a feel for the place you’re in. Smaller stations can tell you a lot about those communities and even larger top 40 set-ups can give you a solid idea of the tastes and vibes around you.

But none of us can really travel at the moment, so instead you can use the internet to surf radio stations all over the world.

Radio.Garden is a site that lets you scroll over the globe in a tactile manner, selecting any radio stations you like by location to listen to them live. They’re represented by dots on a map so you can just click around to grab a taste of local flavour.

It's almost like throwing a pin at a map, or spinning a globe and stopping it to find a location.

One thing worth mentioning is the website isn’t secure. It shouldn’t matter too much as long as you don't enter any private information, but it’s good to be aware of such things.

Lots of stations will provide streams on their websites, but tracking them down and choosing what you want to experience is a lot of effort. Radio.Garden simplifies this into a really nice experience. It’s so easy to lose time clicking from one spot to the next.

This is also a great way to discover new music you might not normally ever come across. Local talent is so huge all over the world, and what makes it to our shores is such a small slice of that pie.

Along with the amazing unique and interesting things you can discover, is just how connected we all are. Radio all over the world is different, but also the same. We’re all just humans out here vibing.

By the way, if you're a human who enjoys vibing to Disney+ or thinks they would like to, the price is going up so you might want to get in fast.

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