Just in case you thought 2020 was a wild fever dream that didn't actually happen, a game about dungeon-crawling, rebelling against your dad, and impossibly hot Greek gods launched.

That game was Hades, by small indie studio Supergiant Games. We liked Hades — a lot.

For the past three years, from Hades' surprise Early Access launch through to copious award wins following the 1.0 launch last year, Noclip — a video game documentary company led by journalist Danny O'Dwyer — documented Supergiant's progress throughout development.

Hades: Developing Hell is Noclip's six-part documentary following Hades' production, offering a fascinating insight as to what goes into making a game from the studio behind such hits as Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre.

Considering the overwhelming success Hades experienced, including too many awards to count, the doco is such a great retrospective look at what made it all happen.

This week, the final part of Hades: Developing Hell released, covering the game's launch, receiving nine nominations at The Game Awards and winning two, and an early 2021 reflection on what transpired.

The entire documentary is great, but this final part is particularly special considering the overwhelming positivity and how happy the developers are seeing their hard work pay off.

Supergiant co-founder Amir Rao and creative director Greg Kasavin's — who was formerly GameSpot's editor-in-chief — interviews narrate Hades's launch and beyond, providing their perspectives on all things game development, including creative vision, studio logistics during a pandemic, and player engagement.

They're incredibly humble and humorously understated despite the outrageously successful game their team made, which makes the duo highly endearing to watch, in addition to the talented and hard-working Supergiant devs who feature in the doco.

If you even remotely enjoyed Hades, whether it was its epic boss fights, beautiful art direction, or slowly unravelling narrative, Noclip's Hades: Developing Hell comes highly recommended.

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