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Enjoy your favourite Reddit arguments as Ace Attorney scenes thanks to this excellent bot

This bot takes your favourite Reddit fights and turns them into wonderful Ace Attorney videos for you to enjoy.

Hope Corrigan
Hope Corrigan
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Enjoy your favourite Reddit arguments as Ace Attorney scenes thanks to this excellent bot

Everyone loves a good Reddit fight. Two strangers on the internet, just going at it like heavyweight champions. Defending themselves with e-honour on the line.

It’s the modern day equivalent of slapping someone with a glove. You know, anonymously from a million miles away. So pure, brave, and true.

Well they get better because Micah Price, a 24-year-old software engineer has made a fantastic bot which turns these arguments from compatible subreddits into Ace Attorney scenes.

If you’re unconvinced of how wonderful this is, check out this video of the bot at work.

Hopefully we won't see copyright strikes on these like that bizarre Frank Sinatra vs Britney Spears bot.

This doesn’t just work because Ace Attorney is great, but because it’s so overly dramatic, which is perfect for the tone of so many internet spats.

"The dramatic music is great,” Price told Mashable, adding "especially for the melodramatic debates on Reddit." It’s clear he has a good understanding of what makes it so funny.

However, he also didn’t expect it to take off, and only spent a few days putting his idea together.

"I wasn't sure if it would be popular so didn't want to spent much longer on it," he said. "I used Python and a bunch of computer vision and machine learning libraries. It's uber buggy at the moment, though."

The bot is open source, so anyone can have a go at tinkering with the code.

Price has said he intends to keep the bot running as it is for a few months as it’s relatively cheap. To experience the joy of turning the stupidest arguments into a brilliant cartoon courtroom, simply use "!objectionbot" or "!objection-bot" on a compatible comment thread.


Hope Corrigan

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