Reading Trump's tweets in crayon scrawl is very appropriate right now

Reading the rantings and ravings of an unhinged world leader's tweets in children's handwriting at least adds some entertainment.

Reading Trump's tweets in crayon scrawl is very appropriate right now

Stop me if you've heard the one about US President Donald Trump tweeting something stupid as a kneejerk reaction.

Oh, you have? Well, allow me to at least add some morbid entertainment to the deranged rantings of an alleged world leader.

There's a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users that changes the font of Trump's tweets to that of a child's scribble — which, to be honest, is a bit disrespectful to children everywhere.

The extension is a few years old now, but more relevant than ever in the wake of someone who can't possibly comprehend how his own country's election system works, or the fact that postal votes lodged primarily by Democrat voters are going in favour of… the Democrats.

Created by the team who produce The Daily Show, the late-night news satire TV series hosted by Trevor Noah, the "Make Trump Tweets Eight Again" extension even introduces different colours to show that the President of the United States owns more than one crayon.

It's even made funnier when paired with Twitter's warnings about potentially misleading content. Without context, Trump could simply be expressing outrage over Mum not going through the Maccas drive-thru on the way home.

If you're keen to add some levity to an otherwise stressful situation, you can download the Chrome version here or the Firefox version for Mozilla users.

For the record, the extension looks better when paired with Twitter's light mode. I normally use dark mode — unlike a certain someone, I'm not a monster.

Also, enjoy one last bonus tweet that really captures the schoolyard essence of the extension.