Virtual British music group Gorillaz have a habit of doing things their way — like starring in a music video set in one of the most popular video games of all time.

As part of their Song Machine project, where the band releases a new music video from their latest album Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez each month, the latest in the series is for "The Valley of the Pagans", a synthy bop featuring Beck.

For no particular reason other than the fact they could, Gorillaz decided to shoot most of "The Valley of the Pagans" clip in Grand Theft Auto V, cruising around doing various vehicular stunts.

Among the captured in-game footage, Gorillaz members are interspersed throughout several interior shots animated separately. Beck also appears as himself superimposed over GTA V's "iFruit" phone, singing away about how good it feels to have the perfect song.

Best of all? "The Valley of the Pagans" lowkey slaps.

I don't really know what the song's about other than a mention of 100 million viagra tablets and general acts of hedonism.

Sounds like a good time.

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