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We found the perfect way to play Genshin Impact

If you're looking for the best way to optimise your time playing Genshin Impact, we've found it.

Hope Corrigan
Hope Corrigan
3 min read
We found the perfect way to play Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a wonderfully fun free to play Breath of The Wild-like RPG adventure and I recently discovered the perfect way to play.

There’s a lot to it, and if you’re still wondering WTF is Genshin Impact, well, we have you covered.

One of its cooler features is crossplay, which allows you to carry game save files between PC and Mobile but there’s a pretty huge disconnect between the two controls.

For ages I’ve been wrestling between the two play styles. I even mention them in warning in this article of 9 things you should know before you get started, explaining you’re best to learn on the platform you want to play due to the differences.

Now I’m not saying I was wrong, that still absolutely holds. But I’ve found an even better way.

Mobile controls feel awful for movement and combat, especially if you’re old like me and not used to playing on a screen. But these actions on a physical controller feels as good as any videogame designed for it.

Aiming on a controller is so much easier

Conversely, the menus on PC are buried within each other and are confusing to access. There’s a lot of fiddly things to do in them like upgrading specific items that feels overwhelming and overly convoluted.

On a mobile screen they’re all one tap away, and the micro management style almost feels like a game within itself. I don’t accidentally use the wrong item, or unequip something like I constantly do on PC.

It feels entirely separate, accessible, and actually quite fun to toy with. I found myself happily getting into the intricacies on my phone while still watching TV, in the same way I play most mobile games.

That’s when I realised, Genshin Impact is best played as two games:  a micromanagement mobile game, and an action adventure RPG on PC.

I can blast through the action on PC, unbothered by levelling up or trying to organise my inventory, knowing that I’ll come to it later. It’s incredibly freeing.

Then, every now and then I can check in on mobile and clean up all my menu-related tasks. I can delegate those timed hands-off resource recovery missions and pick up daily rewards.

I’m treating the full game app more like a companion app, and I’m convinced it’s absolutely the way to go. I’m enjoying Genshin Impact even more than I was before, and I highly recommend this method to anyone else caught between the PC and Mobile controls.

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