Amazon is selling way more Xbox One X than it should be

The Amazon charts show an unsettlingly large increase in sales of Xbox One X consoles off the back of pre-orders going live for the Series X.

Amazon is selling way more Xbox One X than it should be

Yesterday preorders opened for the Xbox Series X and people all over the world scrambled to secure one of the limited launch consoles. Unfortunately, it looks like some might have gotten a little confused in the process.

As Kotaku reports, Amazon’s international trending list of sales, or “Movers and Shakers”, shows a spike in Xbox One X sales (though thankfully it seems Aussies were more cluey).

Even at time of writing, the list has the Xbox One X console at number 11 and an 'Amazon renewed' version at number 19. There’s also a 3rd party wired Xbox 360/PC controller sitting in the number 2 spot right now – it has to be a mistake, doesn’t it?

If the Xbox One X had taken a price cut it might make sense but the Occam's razor of the situation is that people are buying the wrong thing. Those just not quite in-the-know enough like parents and casual consumers are probably being dudded out. And while it’s not malicious, it is sadly expected.

At a glance Xbox One X and Xbox Series X have literally only one word of difference between them. Especially for folks who may not have clued on to the existence of the upgrade X variant of Xbox One consoles. It’s very understandable people are making this mistake.

I’m confident that with a few years of separation this will be an issue of the past but it’s still an odd choice. Nintendo went through similar issues with both the New 3DS and the Wii U with customer confusion. Microsoft had to see this coming at 60 fps and in 4K resolution.

Because of that, I wonder if there has to be some onus on Microsoft or Amazon to contact these customers. At least offer refunds to anyone who asks. Undoubtedly, we must now await the glut of viral videos featuring disappointed Christmas unwrappings of last gen consoles. Maybe the viral ad revenues will help some of them to buy the real new consoles? Someone should benefit from this aside from Microsoft’s Xbox One X sales.