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More bright colour options for our gaming accessories, please

Logitech's new pink pro-level gaming mouse highlights the lack of colour in gaming accessories. Unless you like RGB.

Chris Button
Chris Button
1 min read
More bright colour options for our gaming accessories, please

If you browse any store for gaming accessories, whether it be headsets, keyboards or mice, you'll likely be faced with a similar sight: a monotonous palette of jet-blacks, more shades of grey than an erotic thriller, and a whole lot of RGB lighting.

While RGBs infuse a bit of colour into an otherwise drab design, opinions are divided over lighting up your desk like a Christmas tree. Some love the dazzling light display RGBs bring, while others are sick of the obsession.

RGB lights are in absolutely everything: keyboards, mice, microphones, dice, monitors, and even credit cards.

How about instead of cramming everything with lights, we start using interesting colours in the first place?

Logitech has the right idea, having recently announced a bright pink version of its flagship gaming mouse, the Pro X Superlight.

They've also had a bunch of cool colour options for some of the company's cheaper mice, such as the G305's fresh aqua look, and the G335 wired headset coming in a nice minty finish.

What's cool about the Pro X Superlight's pink addition is that flashy colours are now among the competitive level products, not just the cheaper stuff not considered as serious.

For too long, fresh coats of paint for gaming accessories have remained the exclusive domain of controllers. Some controllers are for limited-time promotions, but the likes of Microsoft and Sony know we want the good stuff.

I've long lamented the fact Microsoft's controller customisation service Xbox Design Lab isn't available in Australia, but at least we have some decent stock model options locally.

Sure, I may not be able to see the colour of my headset while I'm wearing it, but – like my clothes – I like to express myself through bright colours.

All in all, I just want more colour options for my gaming gear. Is that too much to ask?


Chris Button

Chris is an award-nominated writer based in Adelaide who specialises in covering video games and technology. He loves Donkey Kong Country, sport, and cats. The Last Jedi is the best one, no questions

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