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Twitter launched the thing we've all been waiting for... some NFTs???

Yes, what we really needed Twitter to do was to make some NFT artworks – and not even make them tradeable for whoever gets them...

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Twitter launched the thing we've all been waiting for... some NFTs???

There's a thousand things Twitter could be doing. Yes, yes, many different things can all happen simultaneously inside a company, so it isn't that one thing happens at the expense of other things that might be underway in other departments.

But still. When you see Twitter having some 'fun' by launching a big dump of non-fungible tokens? Priorities have to be questioned.

The company that propped up a bizarre US Presidency is in search of its next, less dangerous act, and so far it has launched a lacklustre subscription offering and now seven NFT artworks each in a series of 20 (making 140 NFTs geddit??).

Never mind improved tools for reporting trolls. Never mind better systems for using Twitter as a tool for news gathering or reaching an audience mroe effectively or encouraging more positive forms of conversation.

The seven artwork tokens are minted on Ethereum and are being given away, and they've even put rules in place to say that they can't be sold or used for commercial purposes and Twitter is just giving away the right to display them on Twitter. Which doesn't really hold to the idea of making the token something someone 'owns'.

But the artworks are kinda cool? So there's that?

Instead of dealing with Reply Guy, or encouraging a better class of Reply Guy, let's immortalise him in an NFT...

I love Twitter. I use it everyday. But how is this the thing it is finding time to mess around with??

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