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Compete to convince this AI you are the best artist

What better way to feel good about your artistry than be judged by an AI asking for wildly specific drawings?

Hope Corrigan
Hope Corrigan
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Compete to convince this AI you are the best artist

If you weren’t already insecure enough about your art skills, get ready to be judged by an AI. is a fun project where you compete against other anonymous folk to convince an AI that you’re the best artist.

The site features a bunch of oddly specific drawing prompts such as “Draw a lightbulb that’s trying its best” and “Draw a bumblebee that loves capitalism”. Clicking on one will take you to a bare bones in browser drawing tool similar to a stripped down MS Paint to give it your best shot.

Once your masterpiece is finished, you can submit the drawing to be judged by the AI. It immediately places the drawing in a rank list of what it thinks best met the brief.

I tried a few out and immediately learned something pretty valuable. If you think it says panda when it actually says pinata, you’re probably going to be ranked fairly low.

But that’s actually a pretty good sign. At least the AI didn’t think my panda looked like a pinata, right? My actual attempt at a pinata fared much better.

The prompts all seem purposefully designed to be interpreted in a few different ways, but with core elements present.

For example, one requesting Deadpool pretending to be a bunny has a bunch of different entries. Some with full body bunny suits, some just with his head. It seems purposefully open and fun.

After all, who really cares if an AI thinks you’re the best artist in the world? Surely this isn’t worth rigorously completing each drawing task just for the approval of a machine? Right?? I can stop anytime I want!

But if drawing isn't your thing, maybe check out this kind of eerie AI text-to-speech tool that lets you put words into some iconic character's mouths.

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