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Dragon Age voice actor accidentally makes excellent... comedy sketch?

Greg Ellis the voice actor for Cullen Rutherford in Bioware's Dragon Age series made a video in character imploring fans not to cancel him.

Hope Corrigan
Hope Corrigan
2 min read
Dragon Age voice actor accidentally makes excellent... comedy sketch?

When you are as incredibly online as I am, sometimes you get to watch magical things unfold in real time.

Recently one such magical thing was watching a voice actor get dunked on for being a douchebag. But it got better. Allow me to paint a picture.

Greg Ellis is the man most famously behind the voice of Cullen Rutherford in Bioware's Dragon Age series. He also has a lush history of holding some pretty shitty views.

He’s often come across as racist and transphobic, like in this tweet getting behind JK Rowling’s sentiments. It’s been more than enough to make fans uncomfortable and hurt, calling for Ellis to be removed from such inclusive tittles as the Dragon Age series.

Ellis has tussled with Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah in the past when being called out for his views, so with the recent announcement that Darrah was leaving the project Ellis seemed to want to gloat.

In a tweet replying to Darrah’s announcement, Ellis describes Darrah’s departure as a “relief” and goes on to throw a few choice insults along the way. Darrah superbly turns that back on Ellis in his replies, basically saying that the voice actor will probably never work on a Dragon Age game again thanks to his conduct.

That’s all pretty satisfying and juicy, but like I said, it gets better.

Like many others, it seems Ellis has confused cancel culture with consequences for his actions. So the actor did what any sane person would do.

He made a video urging fans to rally to his side, in character as Cullen talking about himself, Greg Ellis the voice actor – as though they’re different people but also not really. It features Cullen taking long dramatic… … … … PAUSES! And saying words like “social justice warriors”, “cancel culture”, and “womanifest”.

I got about 4 minutes in and the whole thing felt like pure parody. I was laughing so hard in the sheer bewilderment that this could be real, but more than that, that it was so damned sincere.

Once my sides had stopped hurting, I went back to try to catch the rest of the video. But it’s been made private so you can no longer see it in it’s amazing original glory.

Thankfully, others are even more online than me, and you can still check out the video thanks to streamers who’ve reacted to the video.

Laugh, react, and remember: don't be like Greg.

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