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YouTube won't remove US election disinformation, thinks demonetising is enough

A video claiming Trump won the election last night violating YouTube policies has only been demonetised rather than taken down.

Hope Corrigan
Hope Corrigan
2 min read
YouTube won't remove US election disinformation, thinks demonetising is enough

Surprising absolutely no one, YouTube won’t remove a video that even the Google owned service admits violates its policies.

The offending video was posted by the One America News Network and is titled “Trump won. MSM hopes you don’t believe your eyes.”.

It claims Trump won the election last night which was well before votes were counted as even at time of writing the count continues. It also makes accusations of voter fraud claiming that Democrats are tossing out Republican ballots.

The video (maybe don't click this one folks, I watched it so you don't have to) talks extensively about the potential for polling offices to “miraculously find more votes for Biden” implying they’re making them up. Instead, what’s likely happening is the mail in ballots, which are historically democrat leaning, are starting to be counted.

Old mate Bernie explains it better in this clip below.

As they well should, given they’re legal votes by Americans who are trying to have their say about the direction and future of their country.

Righteous indignation aside, Youtube’s own policies states that it will remove election-related content that violates its policies. It even has a section it calls “timely examples” which states it will be “Removing content encouraging others to interfere with democratic processes, such as obstructing or interrupting voting procedures. For example, telling viewers to create long voting lines with the purpose of making it harder for others to vote.”

This video urges Republicans to take action against the Democrats and repeatedly states Trump won when he didn’t.

Because the fact is no one has, not yet. But it increasingly doesn’t look like it’s going to be Trump. No thanks to YouTube, of course.

For some reason YouTube said it's community guidelines haven't been violated by the video and has chosen to simply demonetise rather than remove.

By just demonetising the video it's still out there being watched, shared, and indoctrinated into the beliefs of people who really don't need any more of these blatant lies. None of us do.

But it seems every social media company will seemingly backflip on established rules when it comes to the right. Facebook took most of a week to deal with false claims of antifa starting fires and Twitter came down hard on people hoping a virus took out Trump while leaving genuine threats untouched.

Be careful out there folks. Check your sources.

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