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Playstation 5 details drop: November 12, $749.95/$599.95

After making us wait 43 mins we got the details we've been waiting for. The PS5 lands in Australia November 12 and the big lad is $749.95.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
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Playstation 5 details drop: November 12, $749.95/$599.95

On the day everyone was hoping Sony would announce price and date details for the Sony Playstation, fans were treated to a smorgasbord of delay tactics dressed as game reveals.

Some were fantastic. Some were decidedly alpha code.

We got Final Fantasy XVI. Fab.
We got Miles Morales Spider-Man. Looks awesome.

We got Harry Potter Legacy. Oooonf talk about bad timing.

There was CoD Blops 4, Resident Evil VIII, some new Deathloop, Devil May Cry 5, a new Oddworld, Demon's Souls, and hello Ragnarok God of War.

But seriously, all up we saw 42 minutes of game bits – even a bloody Fortnite confirm – before they finally got to the juicy bits. The hardware date and price.

With two simple slides they gave us everything we wanted. Kind of...

Date: November 12 (that's two days after Xbox)

Price: $749.95 / $599.95

That's 95c more than Xbox for the full machine, and $100.95 more for the 'digital edition' but this one is a full spec PS5 and not a lesser machine.

For those who like some currency conversion maths (based on today's exchange rate):

USD $499.99 = $749.44 (includes GST)
GBP £449.99 = $794.54
EUR €499.99 = $809.35
YEN ¥49,980 = $648.43

So overall we're right in line with US pricing with GST accounted for, and we're doing better than Europe.

Also announced was a new Playstation Plus Collection, a list of classic Playstation 4 titles that will be available to download when the console launches. Consider this Sony's initial effort to fight back against the strength of what Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives its rival.


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