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Tech Has (Some) Answers

A lot will change permanently from here – especially around this tech adoption. Platforms like Zoom will be here to stay.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
4 min read
Tech Has (Some) Answers

We are discovering pretty quickly what tech is and isn’t going to help with over the next few months. The things that have been ready to use but were yet to be explored; the things that are being forced to become ready and iron out a few remaining problems; and the things that people are trying to make work that just… aren’t good.

A lot will change permanently from here – especially around this tech adoption. We’re seeing a rapid embrace of group video chat on platforms like Zoom, as people find ways to spend time together remotely while getting as-close-to-together as possible.

Students, families and schools are also going to discover new normals with many kids starting to be educated remotely. One part psychology: learning to be more self-directed and self-reliant; another part technical: discovering how hard or easy it will be to have a class experience remotely.

I feel like the most immediate effect from this will be the old fake sickie for school kids might be less common if kids are told “well you can log on and still participate in class remotely”. I still have to ‘go’ to school but I won’t have my friends around? Might as well just go.

As someone who lives halfway between Sydney and Canberra, it’s already a personal positive to see press events and meetings being held with video options on offer. I hope that on the other side of the crisis these options will remain, not just be put back on the shelf.

Long term, I really hope we see more leaders open up remote working options for people who live regionally. To open up the prospect of finding the best person for a white collar job wherever they may live. To understand they can still contribute fully to an organisation thanks to the digital tools we now have at our disposal.

Great for workers, great for regions.

The NBN will remain a road block for many who still can’t get a good connection. But the biggest road block is business culture.

Remote work is NOT perfect. But is an average team that sits together in one building better than a great team that works together remotely? I’ll try to grow my business based on the second option.

Take care, everyone. Don’t panic, be smart, stay safe.

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