Interesting times

Yes, it's been quiet. But let's call it a feature and not a bug.

Interesting times
Photo by Fabian Møller / Unsplash

Nothing new since January? Indeed. It's been an 'interesting times' start to 2023, very much in that pejorative sense. So over the last few months I've been focused on only and exactly the work that is required to drive Byteside (the business) and have left a big cognitive gap to ensure all those 'interesting' things have had the space they need.

Byteside continues to deliver great content services to our clients around the world, offering up great ghostwriting, case studies, podcast productions and more. But we're taking a big break as an editorial project.

There'll be new things down the road – with no set schedule for return. You can't rush greatness. But for now, please accept the quiet as a feature and not a bug.

- Seamus